• Polycarbonate RODECA

    Torre Dupla S.A. is distributor of the German manufacturer of polycarbonates RODECA GmbH

    We have available coverage and facade systems that meet the highest quality standards, characterized by great lightness and high mechanical strength and thermal insulation.

  • Polycarbonate - DIY

    Plates Polycarbonate multi-functions for roofs and facades

  • Polycarbonate for roofing and glazings

    Plates in translucent polycarbonate for roofing, covers and glazings

    Range of products and solutions for translucent roofing RT, MFP and U

    flat roofs or curved to different radii, custom lengths, installation of modules

  • Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets - MWS

    Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets

    Excellent U-values (finishing Heatbloc)

    For curves and sloping applications, ideal for renovation

    Flexible widths with closed edges and custom lengths

  • Polycarbonate for facades - TBE

    Translucent building elements for use in facades, roofs and roof lights.

    Realization of large spans

    insulation properties excellent heat

    Creation and design of homogeneous buildings

    Extremely weather resistant

  • Polycarbonate Profiled

    Polycarbonate Profiled

  • Frames for windows

    Aluminum frames for integrated polycarbonate windows facades