• Aluminum Composite Panels

    Panels in double lacquered aluminum sheet with PE or FR core of variable thicknesses, for industrial applications.

    Ventilated façades - Alubond® system

    ALUBOND® is a ventilated façade system, developed by Torre Dupla SA as a solution for the execution of coatings and façades.

  • ALUBOND® system

    The ALUBOND® System is designed for the facade cladding in a ventilated system, consisting of composite aluminum panels (ACP), which once machined take the form of cassettes, fixed to a substructure of aluminum profiles which in turn are previously in solidarity with the structure of the property to be covered. Produced by CNC machines, with speed and quality it will be installed in the client's work by teams qualified for this purpose.

  • Aluminum Composite panels

    Composed of two aluminum plates and a core of plastic. The aluminum composite panel (ACP) has excellent properties that help the inspiration of architects and engineers to generate tailored solutions for all fields of architecture, housing for public buildings, corporate offices, shops or offices.