Our company

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture, trade and distribution of products for the construction industry, especially in the implementation of new industrial and housing buildings or rehabilitation.

We offer various customized solutions with design, aesthetics and functionality, tailored to the needs of our customers for roofing and cladding systems as well as translucent polycarbonate and ventilated facades.

We seek to offer our customers quality products and an integrated support.

What we do

Torre Dupla S.A. offers a wide range of products and solutions

  • Trade and distribution of polycarbonate panels and systems
  • Execution and installation of roofing and cladding
  • Cold profiling of pre-lacquered corrugated sheets and double Standing Seams
  • ALUBOND® Ventilated facades in composite aluminum
  • DOORLIGTH® sectional Doors
  • AISI316® fastening and anchoring systems
  • Technical support